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Bagger Bandit - Hoodie

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Discover the Shredhills Bagger Bandit, a design inspired by our love for exhilarating wheelies. This unique design encapsulates the essence of adrenaline, delivering a thrilling experience like no other. Whether you're a wheelie enthusiast or a thrill-seeker, the Shred Hills Bagger Bandit is your ideal choice. Join us in embracing the excitement of the ride and elevate your adventure with this exceptional design. 

  • Front & Back LOGO: Our hoodie boasts a distinctive logo design on both the front and back, making a bold fashion statement.

  • Unisex Fit: Designed for everyone, it offers a comfortable and stylish unisex fit that suits all genders.

  • Easy Care: This hoodie is low-maintenance with its machine wash compatibility, ensuring it stays fresh and clean. Just use a COLD wash cycle.

  • Premium Material: Crafted with the utmost quality, it's made from a 12.5 oz fabric blend, combining 50% cotton and 50% polyester for a soft and durable feel.

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